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Thread: Ruh-roh, Marty B.

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    Cant we all just get along .????

    Wait, wrong board.....Giants gonna lose!
    "As of today (after watching houston against the jets), the 49ers are easily the best football team in the NFL. Easily."

    A quote from one of YOUR die hard Giants Fans:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mbeach49er View Post
    Cant we all just get along .????

    Wait, wrong board.....Giants gonna lose!
    You need to go to the Smack Talk forum for that.
    ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo
    Giants are 1st team in NFL history to lose first 2 games of season despite leading by 10 or more points in 4th quarter of each game (ELIAS).

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMENAGAIN View Post
    I'm grasping at straws? Eh, ok.

    Let me put my explanation is simpler terms for you. Your statement that Kaepernick would be a "nightmare" for our defense is ridiculous.

    Is that a good enough explanation for you?
    Sure, that's fine with me, it's your opinion.

    In my opinion a broken play scrambling backyard QB like Kaepernick would be a nightmare for our D, especially when we can't get pressure. That's all I said, not that he's beetter.

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