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    Tom Coughlin knows his audience


    Excerpt: "A lot of very different things have been said about the New York Giants' Tom Coughlin over the course of his long career, but you have to admit the guy knows how to coach. I mean, this business Wednesday where he somehow played the "nobody's picking us to win" card for this Sunday's game against the 49ers in San Francisco? How's a guy get away with saying "nobody's picking us" on a Wednesday? Nobody's even made their Sunday game picks by Wednesday.

    Ah, but Coughlin is shrewd. He knows this no-respect thing doesn't have to be rooted in truth to work where he needs it to work. The fact that there's no legitimate proof that people don't think Coughlin's defending Super Bowl champs are a good team is a minor and irrelevant detail. You can say anything you want, and in this case Coughlin knows the precise effect his outlandish claim Wednesday will have.

    He knows the people who cover the team will go to every single Giants player they can find and ask them what they think about this outrageous lack of respect the world supposedly has for their roster and its accomplishments. He knows this becomes the dominant story of the week in his locker room. And although it might not get the headlines that Mark Sanchez,Tim Tebow and Raul Ibanez are getting in New York today, that doesn't matter. It will work where he needs it to work -- in the heads and hearts of his players. " Read more...
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    So Graziano is saying that just because ESPN doesn't make their official picks by Wednesday that there's no basis for Coughlin to say that nobody is picking them?

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    What a moron. No one picks them all the time, so what does the day of THIS week have anything to do with it.

    Shake my head Graziano.

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    The NFC East Blog should be called the Eagles blog. I am surprised that they hired a guy that panders to Eagle fans when half of them can't read.

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