GB - Ran the ball as a team 14 times and that includes Rogers scrambling 5 times, basically they ran by design 9 times. ???
Lions - Ran the ball 26 times and 2 were with Stafford scrambling, 8 point loss.
minny - ran the ball 30 + times, ball control time of possession nothing deep and WIN.
Jets- ran the ball 17 times and a couple were from Tebow. Blowout loss
Bills - ran 19 times with the QB 2 times. Blow out!!

Run the ball 30 + times seems like the logical thing to do. The running game doesnt have to yield 4 -5 yards a carry to be effective.
Thats what I would do, force our will and be just as physical, send a message. Maybe that will inspire our Defense that seems to be a sleep at times.

I remember years back playing in Pitts and our team came out really physical and we beat them. This to me seems like the same type of game.