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Thread: Manningham to share Eli intel with 49ers

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    Manningham to share Eli intel with 49ers

    According to 49ers press confrence with NY media via Twitter.

    Also, when asked about holding a grudge against his former team he says "no" but it will "motivate me"
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    Manningham's going to say "Eli's elite, man...he's elite"....

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    Yeah, and this just in, water is wet. Of course he, and Jacobs are going to help their new team out in any way possible.

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    "When Eli says 'Omaha', he's getting ready to receive the ball"....

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    retirement home in Dallas (my son married a Texas gal. Woe is me)
    "Eli make them good throws..." "On this one play, Eli told me to run this way, but I forgot which way this way is."

    Having Manningham as intel is like having Simple Jack as the star agent in the CIA.

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    He's going to help his current team win football games anyway possible?


    Welcome to the team Flowers!

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    "i have the chops"
    i love when eli says omaha i used to cringe when he said it now i cringe when he doesnt

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    Considering MM scored a 6 on the wonderlich and ran more wrong routes than anyone on the team, I don't think Eli has to worry.

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    I'm actually Ok with mario sharing Eli's intel because Mario never understood it anyway.

    OH BURN.

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    What in God's name are Jacobs and especially Manningham going to be able to tell the SF coaching staff about #10 that they don't already know from hours of game tape???

    I don't understand it personally. And I'm not so certain that Manningham EVER understood our playbook anyway. Not dissing the guy, but I've met door knobs that had a higher IQ than him.

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