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Is expect him to say exactly what he said, something stupid. He could of played the political answer or at least say his current staff defense is great without shooting down the Giants. He didn't need to say that it felt good to have a tough defense like he never had before, or that his current coaching staff is better then the one that got him a SB ring and who he is playing in a couple of days. That's just dumb. But that's just Manningham.
Ah man! Manningham is a good wide receiver and was instrumental in bringing another ring to the giants, but to expect him to be savvy enough to analize the question, think it through and devise a politically correct answer that would satisfy his current team and appease the fans of his former team is a bit too much to ask of 82.

He didn't knock the giants. He just repped his current squad. IMO nothing wrong with what he said.