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Thread: Giants' Martellus Bennett plans to play vs. 49ers

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    Giants' Martellus Bennett plans to play vs. 49ers


    Excerpt: "Martellus Bennett played through much of the Giants' win over the Browns with a hyperextended left knee he sustained when he slipped on the wet, artificial grass at MetLife Stadium last Sunday.

    And though he didn't practice Wednesday, he expects to play Sunday against the 49ers.

    "Hopefully. That's the plan," the tight end said. "We're doing everything we can to be ready for this weekend. Working with the trainers and doing stuff on my own. The plan is to be out there on Sunday. That's always the plan. But like in anything, things don't always go according to play, but we're heading in the right direction right now."

    Bennett acknowledged that he "messed some [stuff] up" in the knee, but didn't elaborate. Candlestick Park in San Francisco is notorious for its poor natural grass playing surface, but Bennett said it won't play a factor in whether he plays or not.

    "I like natural grass better than the other stuff with the rubber in it – the artificial turf, the artificial grass," said Bennett, who had three catches for 30 yards and played a significant role in blocking for Ahmad Bradshaw against the Browns. "I like real stuff better than fake stuff personally." Read more...
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    I think their best chance of winning is to get some kind of running game going and for that they need Bennett.

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    I hope Martellus Bennett plays.
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    i dont want to rush him if theres an elevated chance he could muck up his knee.

    he's a warrior tho, he not only finished the cleveland game, he was a beast in run blockin and still made a few nice grabs. he's been every bit of good as i had hoped

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    If Bennett can go, thats great, let him play. It would be nice if he could be a threat in the pass game this week, but even if he is not 100%, his blocking will be a plus in the run game and in helping to protect Eli.

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    would love to see him out there ... maybe slap a knee brace on him ... if he doesnt play, Adrien Robinson might see the field ... i wonder how he is developing
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