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I'll be back to rub it in your face.
Thats fine. if giants have proved anything at all to this League that gives them no Respect its that they can rebound from tough regular season losses to great teams and comeback when it counts most and get the more impt W that moves them on in the playoffs. Who cares if you win a game in week 6 and become 5-1 and we wind up 3-3... means nothing in Dec/Jan... Exps:

07--- Lost to 13-3 #1 seed Dallas twice in regular season. beat them 21-17 in first round on Road
07--- Lost to 13-3 #2 Seed GB in a blowout 35-13. Beat them in NFCCG 23-20 on Road
07--- Lost to 16-0 #1 Seed NE in epic battle 38-35. Beat them (18-0) in SB 17-14 (Road Team)

11--- Lost to 15-1 #1 Seed GB 38-35. Beat them in first round 37-20 on Road
11--- Lost to 13-3 #2 Seed SF 27-20. Beat them in OT 20-17 on Road
11----Beat ...13-3 #1 Seed NE 24-20(only glitch, lol) Beat them again in SB 21-17 (Road Team)

Not to worried if we lose. be more concerned if we won..lol