Oct 7, 2012 at 19:48:16

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NFL Pick 'em

Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
yea i expect a close game too , eli is the best QB in the nfl , him alone is enough for them sometimes. i say we win though, hope im wrong about it being close and we blow em out though but doubt it with eli.

Eli definitely is best in the NFL. People don't want to admit it but it's true.

Will be interesting to see what Cruz does without nicks, and with Hixon. Even with Nicks, a downgrade from Manningham.

Although the interesting x-factor is their new TE Martellus Bennett. They have Andre brown and David Wilson in place of Jacobs to go along with Bradshaw. Not a terrifying rushing attack IMO if we controlled CJ spiller and Fred Jackson today, and AP in our loss.

Giants fans treat Eli like we used to with Montana -- always in the game. It's time we out enough points to one dimensional use the b*****d and get some picks.

We shall prevail!