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    Suprise- based upon real results, Giants have 2nd easiest schedule in NFL, so far

    Who would have thought that........I hope it continues but that stat will undoubtedly change as we move forward.

    Hopefully, losing to the Giants will continue to help drag our opponents records south.

    What an "Ibanez event" it would be to sweep the rest of the year (not predicting it, just hoping).

    Our passing game is amongst the top of the league. Our running game also moving towards the top.

    Our total D is middle of the pack, but with our personnel will surely improve. Still waiting for Perry to load the box and also disguise
    some nice blitzes to help out the front Canty returns next week.

    I'm not sure where we stand in the turnover battle but my gut tells me we are positive there......anyone know?
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