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    Whatever happened to the "ignore" button?

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    Goes to show that the day the schedule comes out, NOBODY knows who has it easy and who doesn't. Of course, you'd like a bye-week close to the middle of the season.
    Manslaughter is easier to convict (and sentence) than murder. Instant replay still gets it wrong sometimes. Peace and love to all the fans of all the teams. We're all fans, and we love OUR team.

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    The cowboys and eagles losses still bother me. The eagle game especially. How is Vick a turnover machine against every other team except us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSanta View Post
    Who would have thought that? I would have.

    Im not sure what is so surprising, our early season schedule pales in difficulty compared to our late season schedule. How is this new news?
    This right here.

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