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Thread: Can 49ers slow down Giants' passing attack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post

    Excerpt: "Something looks askew with the 49ers' defensive rankings, and it's not that they lead the league with the fewest points allowed per game.It's that their pass defense is ranked No. 2 in the NFL, five spots better than their more renowned run defense, at least in terms of yards surrendered.The 49ers' defensive backs have no time to take a bow, however. Eli Manning and the New York Giants are coming to town Sunday."The first time I played (Manning), he threw a touchdown on me," second-year cornerback Chris Culliver said. "In my mind, that won't happen again." Read more...
    I throw this in the "stats can mean nothing" category. We are 5 games into the season and who they played is much more important than how they've played at this point. As we move through the season, the base of data will broaden out and be more meaningful. Let them think that they are great.
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    The 49ers will try different ways to slow down our pass game I'm sure. But if our pass game is clicking, that will open up our run game moreso. And like Roanoke mentioned, Wilson should be more of an X factor/weapon/wrinkle for our offense as well. The main thing is that the O-line gives Eli enough time. I think Bennett will be key too. His blocking is going to be needed.

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    Remember, in the NFCCG, the Giants moved the ball much better than the 49ers. Take away 2 plays by Vernon Davis and this would have been a blowout.
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    Ideally what the giants offense should do is, establish the run and short passes, The niners defense is known to be good against the run, allowing them to keep the safeties deep to stop the deep pass. If the giants can get the run going and the short passes, the safeties might start inching in a little and then we can get start hitting our deep passes.

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