It was a great win for them in week one vs GB. But we have seen that GB is not the same as they have been in recent years. The 49ers also beat the Bills and Jets, but only lost to the Vikes.

The Giants oline is playing a little bit better since D2 is out (and I have been a big fan of his, but the tackle spot exposes him). Recall that last year during the season we had a chance to win it on the final drive, but KG had a horrible game plan that day. All those 3-4 wr sets in the shotgun & calling HB draws, and the tip on the last play by smith I believe. Only thing that still annoys me to this day is not allowing Eli to work the no huddle/hurry up offense when the offense is struggling and can use it to get in a rhythm/tempo when it is obvious either Eli, the Wrs, or both need it. I believe that cost us the Eagles game more so than Barden, even though that was huge in itself.

If our line has improve as did our run game, and the other guys besides cruz can make plays as they generally have been the last few weeks we have a solid shot. But our defense, especially defensive ends and run stopping has to seal up the holes this week. I am still not sold on Alex Smith. He showed how bad he was when going to the SB was on the line. Eli could have put much bigger numbers up that day if it wasn't for the weather.

It should be another good game, to bad we have to go back there for a 3rd time in the last year practically.