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    Not as much as the Giants fans hate 49ers fans. Ravens fans are cool with us, Packers fans are cool, etc. Every post about a 49er fan on here is about how they are the scum of the Earth and/or the Devil
    We actually hate you very little. What have you done to us? The 1993 playoff game which ended Phil Simms' and LT's careers, and the 2002 playoff debacle. Now weigh that against the things we've done to you.

    If somebody ruined 14-2 and 13-3 seasons in our house in the NFC CG, I'd hate them. If somebody ended the career of our best player ever, I'd hate them. If somebody handed us our worst playoff loss ever in our prime, I'd hate them.

    Sure there's a rivalry but when I look at what we've done to you, it's not symmetrical. We look back and think in the 80s that was a great rivalry and we got the best of a very good team a few times. You guys must logically look at us and seethe with hate.

    It's the fan arrogance that bothers us. It remins us too much of the Cowboys who are in our division so it sounds very familiar to us. We view the mass of your fanbase as a hybrid of the Cowboys arrogance and Eagles bile.
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