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well according to your logic we should be able to look at the GAMES you have lost and see what happened there and see if we can take advantage of the weaknesses Dallas, and Filly found. I really dont think NY offense is that potent because you were LOSING in two games causing you to pass more inflating your passing numbers. your D is ranked #24 in total defense. your ranked#23 against the pass and #18 in rushing yrds allowed.

#24 Total D vs
#23 in passing vs
#18 against the run vs

SF- 13.6 pts per game

Ny -22.3 pts per game
well, we're top 3 in like each offensive stat IIRC. we're missing a main cog of our D with canty on the PUP...pts per game, yds per game, pass yds per game etc ell top 3, only offensive stat we're not is rushing ypg and thats 12th.

u guys are nasty vs the run, but not as nasty vs the pass. and now that the refs will be aware of the illegal tactic ur DL uses, i'd expect u wont get as much pressure on eli. we'll see