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Thread: Michael Strahan met with the Giants defensive linemen today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    They need both.
    Tuck saying he sucks and JPP not having fun doesn't sound like they are motivated to do anything.
    dont forget Osi is a nancy.

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    UH OH!!!

    LOVE IT!!
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    GREAT ! Now we need a Win !.............and everyone will be Happy !.........except SF !

    Go Giants.......... KICK the S#%T out of the 49ers !
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    I think we are really missing the push up the middle, Think when Canty gets back we may have a better push!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
    I think we are really missing the push up the middle, Think when Canty gets back we may have a better push!
    Words out that Canty may be back next week ! ...........I hope so, we need HIM !

    Go Giants !

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    This isn't going to be that popular but I just don't think our line is as good as advertised. Osi is older and Tuck is stuck in his slump, although he has been active this season. I still think it's good but it's not a dominant line. Strahan, Osi, Tuck, Fred Robbins in 2007- now that was DOMINANCE! Those lines with Stray and the Hammer now that was DOMINANCE.

    JPP has to become a technician to reach Strahans level. He need's to find that inner drive b/c Stray came to play EVERY SUNDAY no matter what. I don't care if your "not having fun". You're a professional. Suck it up and put your game face on and PLAY HARD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    last time he did this, our DL woke up...
    What they going to do if it don't work this time then?/? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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    Startn to think Fewell may suck. Just sayin

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    now let's "stomp them out".

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMan-67 View Post
    thanks Mike !!! anything that can light the fire .... i dont think it has been quite as bad as some portray, but it certainly hasnt been good

    i actually want to play Tuck at DT ... i dont trust Kuhn or Austin for a NY minute
    Kuhn is raw as ****. Once he gets some experience, and earns his stripes, I think he is going to be a stout lineman and run defender. Plus the kid has a great work ethic and atitude which is great for this team, especially since he is a foreigner. He'll be a reminder about beating the odds (didn't grow up with football in Germany and made it to college ball) and hard work.

    Austin has a world of talent. He also had a reputation for taking plays off. The worst part is that his suspension and injury has kept him from playing for two years. The kid is inexperienced and rusty. But when he gets some snaps under his belt - he's getting a baptism by fire due to our injuries - watchout for him. Canty and Bernard are solid if unspectacular, and really under appreciated, however, they aren't getting younger. I feel confident after watching their play, that if they can both fulfill their raw potential, we are looking at some very good DT heir apparents.

    Right now, though I kind of agree because they are so raw, inexperienced, and undisciplined (meaning, they don't have the veteran savvy or experience not that they dont care to do the right thing). It has nothing to do with talent or potential.

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