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I just looked up the stats for Eli last season, I winged it off memory, but you are right.. that's closer to 2:1 TD/INT ratio.. but that's still not BEST QB in the league. Perhaps Eli is the best QB for the gints, which is different than best in the league.. which I don't think he's even in the conversation, despite the 2 Super Bowls. And you are right, stats don't make the QB.. because alot of time QBs trailing put up huge numbers in a losing effort. Can Eli at LEAST win a MVP before we crown him the best Qb in the league? Seems like a pre-req to at least have one of those. Ben Roethlisberger also has 2 Super Bowls, but nobody considers him the best or even elite. You guys have a great QB, no doubt, but saying he's the best.. I really think you are reaching. If you want to go by best QB, I'm still saying Brady or Rodgers.. it's not all stats, but nobody plays QB better than they do.
Well which would you rather have, championships, or elite stats? I'm not knocking your opinion btw.