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Thread: The Gmen rise

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    The Gmen rise

    The talking heads don't think we can win. The 9ers players and fans trash talk so much you'd think they were the eagles. All this talk about Alex Smith becoming elite. Bragging about how they threw for 300 yards and rushed for 300(even though they played a terrible bills teams so it's really not that impressive).

    Cruz, Bennet, Nicks, Barden.

    Bradshaw, Brown.

    Tell me guys.

    Did ANYONE OF THOSE TALKING HEADS think Eli was gonna outshoot Rodgers in the playoffs last year?

    The 9ers haven't beat anyone. A "decent" 2-3 packers team that gave up a 23-6 lead to the colts, a TERRIBLE jets team, and a equally TERRIBLE bills team that got blown out by that same jets team, and a 1-4 lions team.

    We haven't beaten great teams either but the point is that we should be on equal ground. Not on assuming we'll lose.

    Strahan himself came up to those D men and basically said "get your *** in gear".

    The world is watching.

    Make sure you mute the 2nd video for extra power then play them both at the same time.

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