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For he 100th time the Giants have not beaten a winning team this year. So that argument goes out the window. The difference with these two teams, to date, is that the 49ers look like they did at the end of last year and the Giants do not. Between the healthy players not playing as well as the where last year and the amount of injuries they have its no wonder the 49ers are heavily favored. Lets also not forget that traveling across the country to play in their house also doesn't help matters much. Hopefully the pep talk they of from a former Giant great will wake up the defense, but its still strange that a group that just won the Super Bowl would need a pep talk. Still worried about the DT's but they are getting some other guys back that can help like Rivers and Hosely.
Get out of here jets fan. Just because you can't score any points against the 9ers doesn't mean the giants can't either.

1. How is it strange? The players in the huddle pep talk each other all the time.

2. I literally JUST SAID that the giants never beat good teams. But if would listen, you'd know the 9ers haven't either. This doesn't make the giants better. It just puts them on equal footing(especially now that all the injured are back).

3. Last time I checked the giants won a blowout to the panthers away with nothing more than cruz,barden, and brown. Now we have Bradshaw, Nicks, and the rest back.

4. What did the 9ers look like last year? Oh right they looked like a team with a QB who couldn't throw at anything and a punt returner who fumbled when a fly landed on the ball. The 9ers today look like a team that beat the bills and jets. Not that impressive.