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Thread: ESPN - Evidence Supports Gilbride's Claim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    How about GoldenGate?

    Please support.

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    You really have to love it! Gilbride must have struck a nerve!

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    Im surprised they didnt point out how we run picks with are WR's

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    Hell why don't we do it? Don't get mad, get even and let's see if Harbaugh complains about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    Harbaugh-Gate, Smith-Gate, Gilbride-Gate

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    how about the water gate scandal II.

    Ok seriously, I've read through this thread and im not quite sure what to think. Does holding definitely help DL maneuver around the OL...yes. Did Harbuagh go way out of his way to defend himself...yes. On the other hand, unless this happens on a key 3rd down or during a big play, it shouldnt be something that we cant overcome. If they are holding, we should hold back. Let the refs decide whos responsible.

    **** san fran such *****s

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetZombieJesus View Post
    Too easy, Golden Gate or GoldenGateGate
    HoldingGate kinda plays on that lol still cant believe JH's press release

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    Exclamation Opps, it looks like Gilbride has exposed Harbaughs secret sause that has propelled

    his team to a miracle turnaround

    Harbaugh is so upset about it because according to ESPN investigation of film, Gilbride is absolutly correct.

    Take away the illegal holding and the 49rs become a very very ordinary D Line

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    oh stop....
    you really think the Niners D are the only ones to do this....

    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
    You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch

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    They are just the first to get caught.. same thing with the Saints and their bounty.. not the first to do it, the first to get caught..

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