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Thread: Giants' Hakeem Nicks on track to play vs. 49ers

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    Let's hope Nicks and Bennett can play but that they're on the plane is huge
    so huge

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    Am I out of line thinking Bennet is more crucial than Nicks in this game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TextureDj View Post
    Am I out of line thinking Bennet is more crucial than Nicks in this game?
    Nicks changes the whole scheme for defenses, they have to account for him on every play. It opens it up for Cruz and etc... But I see where you're going with Bennett is more crucial then Nicks. Bennett does so much for the Giants that isn't shown on the stat sheet. His run blocking is one of the best at the tight end position, and he holds his own when asked to help out in pass protection.
    The 49ers linebackers will have to do their best job to defend him, he's big and he can run.

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    yeah bennett vs Willis/Boweman is gonna be the matchup i key in on. hopefully SF does something stupid that gets bennett all riled up and he can go off for a huge day.
    if we can make willis/boweman have to respect bennett in the passing game, it could open up a running lane. and i dunno if willis/boweman are the caliber athlete bennett is. dont take that as a slight to them, 2 of the best lb's in the nfl. i just dont know how fluid and smooth they are dropping off in coverage downfield.

    and if nicks plays, and he will, it'll be bc he's close to 100%. giants said that they wouldnt bring him back until he would be able to play without any lingering effects and that he'd be close to 100%...dudes rested for a month now. glad he practiced 3 straight days, just reinforces my belief nicks is good to go

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    Love to see the boys back in action!

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    these guys coming back is huge for the G-Men! great news!

    the passing attack could be off the charts tomorrow! lol.

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    Bernard not playing is huge. I have a feeling Gore is going to gore us.

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