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Thread: How much credit should Mike Singletary get for the 49ers?

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    How much credit should Mike Singletary get for the 49ers?

    Everyone is singing Harbaugh's praises, but this is largely a team that was built under Mike Singletary.

    Granted, Singletary was a much better player than coach, but his handprints are all over the 49ers.
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    I tend to agree with where you're coming from here. I don't mean the rhetorically at all, but who did Harbaugh really bring in? Guys that were considered "his guys" I mean? If no one then it would seem to me that he just coached up the players Singaletary put together in a way Singletary simply couldn't.

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    Mike Singletary wasn't even head coach for 2 full seasons.. Singletary was AGAINST drafting Patrick Willis, if that helps put his contributions in perspective.

    The current core of the Niners were built by Mike Nolan, he originally wanted to establish a power-run offense and dominating defensive squad.. with hits and misses he built the team, he was actually a better GM than head coach. Singletary didn't bring in anybody as head coach, Niners' GM then VP of Personnel, Trent Baalke drafted RT Anthony Davis, LG Mike Iupati, and All-Pro ILB NoVarro Bowman.. Singletary INSISTED the Niners draft Taylor Mays, who is now languishing in Cincy.

    Harbaugh didn't have to bring in much, the pieces were already there.. they just needed coaching. Harbaugh didn't build his team from scratch, but it was Harbaugh that convinced Alex Smith to stay.. if you credit Singletary, you have to give more credit to Mike Nolan, but the guy that has been scouting and helping making decisions on the draft and free agents is Trent Baalke, reigning NFL Executive of the Year.

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    Didn't realize that about Nolan or that Singletary didn't want Willis. That does kind of say a lot lol. Taylor Mays too....woof.

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    It's the same thing about how it was Accorsi that built this team more than JR (Although as time goes on, that changes more and more in JR's favor). Though for as long as Eli plays for us, Accorsi has a big mark on the team. As much as I like JR, I don't think he would have been able to pull off the master draft day caper...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Singletary is somewhat responsible for the current team! his print is certainly on the defense; however i believe Harbaugh has molded Alex Smith into what he want him to be.

    Smith is not a superstar but as evident by their record he has managed and guided them into one of best teams in the league.

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    Singletary was a great player and solid no nonsense guy, he will be back coaching someday. Think he had much to do for their success!

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    as i said in another thread this team was not built by harbaugh but yet he and others give himself credit for it.the peices were there long before harbaugh..ill give him credit for putting his magical spell helmet pounding on alex smith to get him to play decent..prob knocked some sense into him doing it so thats why he continues to do that every game like smith is a 9 year old playing pop warner ball..hey whatever hes gotta do to get his guy motivated.

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    Actually, a lot of our draft was built by multiple guys. Like all teams, it was hit or miss.

    But one factor through the coaching turnstile we've endured was our current GM, Trent Baalke. He was the head scout and has been doing if for many years. He actually wanted Aaron Rogers over Alex Smith but that fat oaf Mike Mcarthy and Mike Nolan wanted Alex Smith because they didn't like Roger's attitude. Tragic error. We promoted Baalke to GM after firing Singleterry and our former alcoholic GM, Scott Mcgloughin.

    So to answer your question, yes, Harbaugh didn't entirely build this team. But he did make many moves to make the starting lineup vastly better.

    In free agency he brought in Carlos Rogers (pro bowl) to replace Nate Clements. Donte Whitner was brought in to fill a gaping hole at SS. We literally had no one there.

    We really struck gold in the draft last year. We got Kendall Hunter, Aldon Smith, Chris Culliver (convered saftey), who is playing lights out at the moment, and our starting fullback in the 6th round, Bruce Miller.

    He also made inhouse changes, moving Soapoage from DE to NT and getting rid of Frankling. This allowed Ray McDonald to come off the bench and start at DE, and he is now a beast. Moved Tarerll Brown from bench to starter replacing Shawnte Spencer. Brown is now our #1 corner.

    The most amazing thing he did was turn Alex Smith into a viable option at QB. And turned a pathetic laughing stock of a franchise into a powerhouse in one year. With only 2 weeks, due to the lock out, to meet his players and install his new system before the season started.

    He got coach of the year for a reason, what he did was amazing. If we managed to beat you last year, i have no doubt we would have won the lombardi last year vs. New England. But hey, you were the better team that day. Eli really impressed me with his balls after taking a beating.

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    he made them a tough group, Harbaugh has made them a confident group and Harbaugh somehow got inside Alex Smith's head and convinced him he could play
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