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Singletary is somewhat responsible for the current team! his print is certainly on the defense; however i believe Harbaugh has molded Alex Smith into what he want him to be.

Smith is not a superstar but as evident by their record he has managed and guided them into one of best teams in the league.
How do you figure Singletary's imprint in on the defense? He never called a SINGLE play.. the LBs admitted that Singletary really didn't teach technique, he taught having the 'right' attitude. The Niners have had a pretty good defense since Nolan was head coach, they've been really talented for a long time.. they didn't become 'elite' until Vic Fangio became defensive coordinator. Case in point, NaVorro Bowman back-up Takeo Spikes and was basically lost.. next season, Harbaugh is head coach.. goes one season lost.. next season he's an All-Pro, that's pretty stark. Singletary is a professional motivational speaker, it's what he did after playing and STILL does as a NFL coach.. but the words become hollow when the players realize he doesn't know anything about helping them win.