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The eyes of a diehard New York Giants fan don’t lie. Quarterback Eli Manningis just about where he should be. Most forget he’s human and does err. Abhorrence, jealousy and fear cloud others true analysis of him. It doesn’t seem to affect the veteran who is in his 9th season and that, perhaps, is one of his strongest qualities.

In January of this year, during the NFC Championship game, the captain of the Giants’ offense was attacked in every possible way by the San Francisco 49ers defense that sacked him six times and hit him relentlessly. The game was no doubt the definition of a throwback slobber-knocker.
''That was a tremendous football game for those that really enjoy football at its very basic element,'' said coach Tom Coughlin. ''Just a classic football game that just seemed like no one was going to put themselves into position to win it. Fortunately, we were able to do that.'' Read more...