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Thread: 2 Questions About the DLine

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    2 Questions About the DLine

    1) Any word or idea about when Canty comes back?

    2) I havn't heard much about Austin this year and, tbh, havn't been watching the DLine this year like I'd want to. How has he looked to those of you that have watched? Is he serviceable or what? I feel like I've seen Joseph, Bernard and Kuhn only out there.

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    Canty has said he is ready to play. He is on the 6 week pup list, so this week should be the last week he's on it. Barring any setbacks he should be on the field next week.
    As for Austin he is playing like a guy who hasn't played in over 2 years. He's hustling and moving well for his size, the issue so far is he is getting pushed back more so then not. But with NFL experience I think he will get better.

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    We need rocky back more than Austin to play better IMO. Also ny06 is right, Canty stated he's feeling great and he comes off the PUP this week.

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    Great to hear that they are doing GOOD>>>>>>>>>>Get better soon..... We need you GUYS !!

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    Canty should come back next week and Austin is playing like a rooky DT.

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