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Thread: The worst part about tomorrows game?

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    I like Troy, have no problem with him at all...Buck is sort of a ****** but I still don't really mind either of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGabriel View Post
    I like Troy and Buck has improved this year. Truthfully i'm never really bothered about who's in the booth.
    Not even Collinsworth?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewz View Post
    Listening to Troy Buck

    I'm probably gonna have to watch the game on mute
    I don't mind Troy.... I think he's worked hard to come off as objective.

    Joe Buck on the other hand has stolen every paycheck he's ever gotten from announcing.

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    Thom Brennaman to replace Joe Buck due to MLB playoffs

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    Buck is much more annoying than Aikman. Maybe Aikman doesn't care much for the Giants, but I have heard him criticize the Cowboys many times.

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    Aikman has done a great job at staying objective despite his career with the cowboys. I just wish we could pair him up with Al Michaels somehow... that would actually be a nice pairing. No Joe ****, no Chris ****ingsworth...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    The worst part about [now] today's game is that the Yankees are also on at 4... ;/

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewz View Post
    Listening to Troy Buck

    I'm probably gonna have to watch the game on mute

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    Troy isn't bad at all, I actually kind of like him. Hell, even buck is better than god awful Chris collinsworth....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harooni View Post
    i think they should start having random people doing it , maybe one week howard stern and Fooch, and then maybe Richard simmons and lou ferrigno
    LOL!!! Lou Ferrigno is gonna Hulk out and put a Hulk Smash on Richard Simmons cranium for looking at him in a seductive manner. How bout Sylvester Stallone and Pee Wee Herman? What a hilarious combo. Ice Cube and George Bush Sr. Hahaha

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