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Thread: The worst part about tomorrows game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichardMc View Post
    I hope I don't get bounced from the board but Buck and Aikmen are actually my favorite announcing team.
    I tend to agree with you, RM. Buck is somewhat biased against the Giants (and Yankees), but he calls a smooth game and usually knows what he is talking about. In his heart Aikman naturally pulls for the Cowboys. He wouldn't be human if he didn't. But he doesn't let his affection for his old team spill over into his TV persona. He's very objective in his analyses, always gives the Giants their due, and never shrinks from skewering the 'Boys when they deserve it.

    I don't know why people on this board seem to dislike Collinsworth. He has a somewhat squeaky voice, but he may be the best analyst around. He sees everything that goes on, and understands strategy as well as most coaches.

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    Buck is an idiot! I can deal with Troy.

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    I don't mind Troy at all,and Buck seems to have gotten better as of late, but his *** kissing gets to me.

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    [QUOTE=FIFTY6G-MAN;530387]Buck is an idiot! I can deal with Troy.[/QUOTE

    After thinking things over, I agree that you may have a point about Buck. While I wouldn't call him an idiot, I concede that I may have been a little generous when I said that he usually knows what's going on. In contrast to Aikman, he does inject his persona into the game. He definitey benefits from Aikman's contrasting presence, just as he benefits from McCarver's presence in baseball (that statement is not to be construed as approval of McCarver, merely that his presence alleviates some of the overbearing qualities of Buck, and adds a little spice to the commentary).

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    Someone got some bad info on Buck not doing today's game - his dumb mug is front and center.

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