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Thread: The Bill Walsh theory

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    The Bill Walsh theory


    The theory is if you get 21 first downs and 28 points you should always win the game.

    This season

    vs GB 22 first downs 30 points = win
    vs Det 24 first downs 27 points = win
    vs Min 19 first downs 13 points = loss
    vs Jets 26 first downs 34 points = win
    vs Buf 29 first downs 45 points = win

    I just find this stat interesting and plan to see if it holds true the entire season.
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    Additional first downs and points generally do help teams to win games, yes.

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    Scoring a lot of points makes it more likely for you to win?

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    Let me see if I understand this correctly. If teams get a lot of first downs, and score a lot, they tend to win games? I can't wrap my mind around that one.
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    Have fun with that!

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    that's right up there with the statement that the more you run the ball and the more yards you gain on the ground, the more likely you are to win

    well, hellooooo .... when do teams run the most .... when they are winning !!
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    right up there with E=MC squared

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    I've also heard you have a better chance of winning if you don't turn the ball over.

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    What I have learned this week:

    -Alex Smith is the best QB in the NFL because Michael Smith said so
    -Justin Smith is an unstoppable force that Harbaugh keeps chained up in his basement
    -Bill Walsh created incredibly abstract and genius theories regarding how to win football games

    ...Anyone else learn anything interesting?

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    Here's my theory: score more points than the other guy.

    I'll be available to pose for my bust in Canton on Tuesday.

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