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    obviously Nicks is ok. if you're gonna run that endzone back should fade, why not Hakeem? had to find something since this is going about as well as possible, and beyond what any of us could've dreamed!

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    Another Nit picky

    The clock is our friend. Why throw the ball on 2nd down? Then Eli held it and run for a half yard gain. I would have ran the ball on 2nd and on 3rd downs to run the clock down and then attempt the field goal to go up 23-3.

    Then why didnt we run the ball instead of throwing it down field long to Cruz, who made a good play to prevent rogers from an interception. Then another high pass to Cruz the next play, where he may have gottton hurt in his knee? I would have been conservative and run the ball on these two pass plays to Cruz as well. It would have brought the game into the 4th quarter sooner.

    The clock is our friend, It is ok to run the ball and the clock. The 49ers will not score 3 TDs in the 4th quater.

    Maybe i'm being nit picky?

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