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    Outstanding win today against the 49ers

    Props to:
    the entire OL. No sacks, opened big running lanes.
    Bradsahw over 100 yards
    Wilson Explosive KO returns, good job running hard with no fumbles
    Hixon great hands on several catches
    DL Good Pressure and sacks
    DB good play and 3 ints

    We have a tough schedule ahead but i do believe:
    We can and will beat the skins at home.
    We can and will beat the Cowboys in dallas.
    We can and will beat the Steelers at home.
    We can and will beat the Bengals in cincy.
    We can and will beat the Packers at home.

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    Easy, one game at a time, it's tough to win every week in the NFL, the 49ers are not all that, once you punch them in the mouth and keep punching them they fold, like most bullies do, and Smith was exposed today for the QB he really is.

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