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    Eli Manning: "We're sorry."

    Eli Manning postgame: "We're trying to win. We didn't play well as we needed to today. Washington played better than us. We're sorry."

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    Re: Eli Manning: "We're sorry."

    We're sorry? Wow. Almost as bad as TC saying he was scared of this game.

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    Re: Eli Manning: "We're sorry."

    Can I get a refund on my ticket?

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    Re: Eli Manning: "We're sorry."

    He is right, we are sorry with this coaching staff.
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    Re: Eli Manning: "We're sorry."

    we're sorry we have to suffer through this crap every fricken year!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Eli Manning: "We're sorry."

    Dear god please allow us to draft some guys that are passionate about the game & play like they need to be in a mental institute....Im sick of this dopey attitude everyone has.....

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    Re: Eli Manning: "We're sorry."

    yes, very sorry.
    one of the sorriest teams in the league.
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    Re: Eli Manning: "We're sorry."

    Best thing I have heard all day. Glad somebody said it, they played like **** and apologizing is the only thing they should do.
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    Re: Eli Manning: "We're sorry."

    I suggest that we kidnap Tim Tebow, remove his heart, and add it to the active roster. We could sure use one...

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    Re: Eli Manning: "We're sorry."

    If they're truly sorry, they'd get their act together for the next 2 games. At least play with passion and heart so the fans don't have to listen to announcers say the team isn't on live TV.

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