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    Gilbride called a FANTASTIC game.. I am silly for Gilly! haha

    Stuck with the run even when Bradshaw was getting bottled up.

    I miss the days we all hated Gilbride

    We are lucky to have such a good OC.. I won't say great.... lol

    I LOVE the freedom our receivers have in this offense
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    Agree 100%. KG normally calls very good games with a few head scratching plays mixed in but he never gets the credit he deserves. Hopefully he will be the Giants OC as longs Eli is the quarterback. Eli trust him and there is nothing more important than that.

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    yea ive never actually doubted Gilbride on the long haul! during games ive been critical of his play calling but i am soon over it!

    him and Eli are joined at the hip and im an extremely happy about that!

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    the play call was great but the redzone offense has to get better. that's not on Gillbride tho

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    We were playing the top defense in the NFL, our redzone offense was great considering we got a rushing TD!

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    Still wish Wilson got a couple snaps. Why wait until garbage time to play him?

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    I am a Golbride sported 100% ...these coaches know what they are doing

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    I think Bradshaw's 2 to 3 yds runs tired out the D.

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    Look, I was on KG but I was wrong. Yet I am suprised that some posters still get on his case after he helped Giants get two Superbowl Wins and I will say maybe a third one. Look at the Pats, they scored less than the Giants and they are more of a high scoring offense. This thread is a good one though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    Still wish Wilson got a couple snaps. Why wait until garbage time to play him?
    This. He'd have taken advantage of that tired D.

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