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    Rolle's first pick

    Noticed on replay that the ball was going to Manningham. Do you think Rolle saw a tendency from practicing against Ham for years or was it more of a play on Smith? I know I'm reaching, but I think it'd be poetic irony if Rolles knowledge of Manningham was more of a decisive factor in the game than Manninghams "knowledge" of our offense lol. The second pick was in the same part of the.field but didn't catch who the ball was going to.

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    I didnt read that into it... I just read Alex Smith being the mediocre QB he really is...

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    On the 3 picks I was hoping a few of them would go back to the House. Would of gave us two more TDs instead of FGs
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    Yeah..so I just read this:http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/gameca...on=mobileWhich kinda proves me right.....if you replace Manningham with Smith. Actually a pretty good read for a game wrap up.

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