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Thread: Giants O-Line

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    Giants O-Line

    Man the O-Line is playing great the only bad game the O-Line has had so far this season was against Dallas on Opening Night, but im impressed with the way the O-Line is playing. The O-Line didn't allow Eli to be sack today vs 49ers which was nice to see. I hope the O-Line keeps it up so far im liking what im seeing, also the O-Line is opening up holes for our RB's.
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    The depth on this team is fantastic. Diehl went down, Locklear stepped in and it's his position now.

    I'm still happy to have Diehl because he'll be a fantastic 2nd stringer at both T and G. And props to Beatty and Baas. I always wanted Baas to get his 2nd season in before I judged him, but admit that I had not faith in Beatty. So far, glad to see that I was wrong about Beatty.

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