Jim Harbaugh, while I think he is a tool bag, is a good coach. I think he gets the most out of his players. His 1.5 year record proves this, and look he basically took Singletary's team that went 6-10, and proceeded to go 13-3. I wouldn't cry if he were my head coach, but I can't stand his *** as the enemy. Anyway...

The 49ers, outside of the NFC Conf Game, have been on cloud 9 the past 2 years almost. But the plain fact is that they have been overachieving, and while Alex Smith has brought his game up a notch, I don't think he can be anything more than a pedestrian QB. Back in the day, you could get away with a ground and pound O and monster D. But in this pass happy league, A.Smith is going to be exposed more in the future.

With that being said, it is quite possible that this team goes 5-5 the rest of the year and miss the playoffs. Arizona could very well win the division. SF has a tough schedule. Look at the Eagles (I ****ing hate you the most, even more that Dallas) - Reid has a stupid crazy amount of talent on that team and a veteran star QB and they haven't put it together and been basically a .500 team the last 14 games. Harbuagh better get his troops mentality ready, or I think this momentum shift could send them on a crash course the rest of the season. Alex Smith is allegedly a softie.

If they do win the Division, I would love to rip their hearts out again in the playoffs. Better for them not to even go because if they face us again, we'll go Khal Drogo on them by slicing their neck and ripping out their tongue.