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    Any morons still want Phillip Rivers back?

    I sure don't. Watching game rewind and I FREAKIN' LOVE ELI MANNING!!!!

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    rivers is still better.

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    just kidding

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    i want him back !

    just for 1 additional fake minute

    b/c that fake Giants jersey we gave him

    might be worth something, since it will be great memorabilia to highlight the single worst trade in NFL history

    GMEN !!!!

    oh and Chargers we may need another franchise QB in around 8 years, so anything you can do to start scouting that out for us would be greatly appreciated .... as always there's an overrated 5 year LB in it for ya
    Apologize to Melo 5

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    Veteran joeybagadonutz23's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    Fairbanks, Alaska
    HAHAHAHA. Love the responses!!!

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    I lived in San Diego for 10 years and suffered through the huge animosity towards Eli especially that first game he played them in San Diego; nauseating. While I think River's is a good QB Eli is da man! They can keep Rivers in San Diego!

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    Can't believe what Eli has developed into.

    I still love rubbing it in to the Philly fans I know who called him "Eli Melting" and are the "Eli was adopted" types.

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    funny how things changed.

    we used to argue about how much we overpaid for Eli.

    given a couple rings and what he's capable of doing, we underpaid.

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    I want him....to stay in SD

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    Eli has always been the way he is. It wasn't until we started getting rid of the strong selfish personalities (casting off Tiki, Shockey getting hurt in the epic 2007 playoff run, Strahan coming around and supporting TC and truly becoming a Giant at the twilight of his career) that Eli truly got a chance to shine.

    Thank you Reddit for the best gif ever.

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