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    Rolle just tweeted.

    All we have to do is win the next 6 games & everyone will have to STFU....

    Hmmmm. now I never thought about it that way.
    Not impossible is it?


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    Re: Rolle just tweeted.

    He can go funk himself . I am sick of his stupid mouth too . This team does a lott of freaking talking .... They should be banned from twitter..

    Rollie ok than do ir or you shut the **** up

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    Re: Rolle just tweeted.

    Hahahahahahhahaa....not in this life...

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    Re: Rolle just tweeted.

    At this rate, I would be surprised if they win 6 games between now and next November.

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    Re: Rolle just tweeted.

    Rolle seriously needs to shut his mouth for once, especially after a trash performance like that

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    Re: Rolle just tweeted.

    Did his momma ever teach him to hush? This kid's mouth keeps going and going...

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    Re: Rolle just tweeted.

    He needs to be cut after the season . A long with a new coaching staff , its time to get rid of the jerks who do more talking than playing . I am sick of his tweets

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    Re: Rolle just tweeted.

    He should spend his time practicing the art of tackling and taking the right angles, instead of wasting time running his mouth. Wow, his tackling is terrible.

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    Re: Rolle just tweeted.

    the next 6 games? what happened to the cliche, one game at a time? He's worried about twitter instead of his lack of tackling and poor play! What an overpaid joke!

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    Re: Rolle just tweeted.

    I don't see that tweet

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