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    Cool Kruunch's Take (49ers Game)

    I have to preface this take with my foreboding leading up to this game. I felt like the 49ers matched up with us perfectly, were playing better than us up to this point in the year and we were playing in their house. I also saw this game as a true test of where we were at this year. And while I don't believe we're as good as the blowout suggests (Giants fans are fatalistic to the end!) I do think it's indicative of the fact that on any given year, we've got a (good) shot of making it to the Super Bowl.

    So without further ado and in no particular order, this weeks' take:

    1) That was the strangest half time ending I've seen in quite awhile. Each team was playing gritty, tense and tight ... we blow a field goal with 15 seconds on the clock an then allow them to come right back and try one of their own, and then THEY blow it. Then both teams kind of shrugged and went in for half time. Very strange.

    2) Anyone else get the feeling Bradshaw's feet are about to fly apart at any moment? It's so great to see him back to his 2008 form, and we are SO much more dangerous with him running like that. I just can't help shake the feeling that he's about to miss a bunch of games in the near future (again, that fatalistic view).

    3) How great is it to have a running back running as well as he is, and then to have David Wilson waiting in the wings? This kid looks like he is going to be such a star and is indeed, doing great things for us right now. Having a return game again just brings a tear to my eye.

    4) JPP. Nuff said.

    5) The rest of the defensive line .... hey, welcome back!

    6) Joe Buck commented on Kiwi being up on the line more and indeed, he always seems to play better there. While he convinced me (last year) that he could play LB, he's so much more devastating when playing up on the line and moving forward.

    7) Antrel Rolle ... best LB we have Great game for him and he indeed plays so well coming down field. Just wish someone would teach him how to play the deep Safety spot. Having said that, the kid is a play maker.

    8) Offensive line .... can't say enough about how well they put up with one of the best (if not THE best) defenses in the league this year. Both run blocking and pass protection ... simply amazing. Pat Flaherty doesn't get enough credit imo.

    9) Kevin Gilbride called an AMAZING game and shame on you people who can't own up to the fact that we have one of the best OC's in the league. The commitment to the run and the dogged way in which he's gotten Bradshaw back on track, not to mention the complete dismantling of the best defense in football right now. Hi, I'm Kruunch ... and I'm a Kevin Gilbride fan,

    10) And props to Perry Fewell (who I am not as big a fan of ..... yet) for figuring out a potent 49ers offense (wow, it's been 20 years since I've said those words). It looked a little shaky there in the first two series, but gotta give him (as well our boys) a lot of credit for hanging tough against a powerful team. Can't say how impressed I was, considering this is the area I was most concerned with coming into this game.

    11) Notable mentions to Hixon, Rivers, Nicks, Tracy and Bennett, all of whom had low key days (with the exception of Hixon) but stood out when we needed them to. Some coming back from injury and some still playing with injuries. I feel really good for Hixon who has battled so hard to get back to where he's at.

    12) Tynes deserves a shout out too ... the guy has been Mr. Dependable this year (I can't really fault him for missing a 54 yarder against the Eagles).

    13) Finally, this is the game I was waiting to see ... the Giants beating a quality opponent (no offense to the Bucs, Browns or Panthers) in convincing fashion.

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    Quick addendum:

    14) Anyone else notice the Giants fans' chants in the second half? I also noticed that in the Panther's game. Even back in the day when we were winning SBs, I don't recall ever hearing Giants' fans on the road. You'd see the occasional fan on road games, but never hear a concerted section cheering. Was fun to listen to

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    I thought I heard, "Let's go Giants," and thought I must be mistaken. I figured they were cheering "Let's go Niners," and my ears weren't working right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercury View Post
    I thought I heard, "Let's go Giants," and thought I must be mistaken. I figured they were cheering "Let's go Niners," and my ears weren't working right.
    I know it was really weird (in a good if surreal way). My daughters even asked me if they were playing at Metlife lol.

    Another addendum:

    15) Apparently 49ers fans are just as fickle as Giants fans. Hard to believe they're talking about a team that's 4-2 and considered one of the best in the NFC right now: http://www.49erswebzone.com/forum/ni...-upset-are-you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercury View Post
    I thought I heard, "Let's go Giants," and thought I must be mistaken. I figured they were cheering "Let's go Niners," and my ears weren't working right.
    Either the sprinkling of Blue in the stands stepped up towards the end, or they were starting to root for the SF Baseball Giants...


    16) I like what DD can do as a jumbo tight end. When he doesn't have to be on the field for every snap and can play all out, he can still do great things.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    True ... at this point in his career DD might better serve us as depth then as a starter.

    Ya know I didn't even think of the SF Giants playing later that day .... that's probably what it was lol.

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    all three phases
    all good.
    thats my take....
    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    all three phases
    all good.
    thats my take....
    It's like haiku nirvana

    P.S. - Cruz absolutely owns Carlos Rogers (no mean feat).
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