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    Talking My un-educated take on the game

    Shock and Awe, what can I say. I have watched the tape and we beat them at their best, they have no excuses! Our recievers are the best overall in the NFL. Eli is uncanny, and the "D" comes through! I guess we should hire Strahan as a coach, he did the trick! Bradshaw looks to be healthy and we can except good things from Wilson! Enough said!
    TC: My ma urged me to get out of this game. When I was a kid, she pleaded with me. And I meant to, you know what I mean? But she died.

    Reese: Tough

    TC: Now look at me. I'm wet nurse to a last-place, dead-to-the-neck-up ball club, and I'm choking to death!

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    Uneducated my behind. You said it right budd.

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    G-Men * Keep Pounding ! Every one did their part and more ! You know what to do now !

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    sounds educated to me

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