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    The Giants beat SF so badly that people on the message board believe...

    that Brandon Jacobs gave us their gameplan.

    It is in the exact thread posted about Jacobs visiting our locker room. That was a thorough beatdown.

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    woof arf bark woof

    Their fans are more delusional than Cowboy fans.
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    I dont think he did that, but I think he might have misdirected them when he was given free rein over the scout team... LOL

    In which case, Harbaugh is an absolute idiot.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    I thought BJ really gave us their gameplan? Didn't we all private message each other and giggle about it?

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    or maybe, just maybe, call me crazy, but our guys beat their guys


    conspiracy theories please, take some adderal !
    Apologize to Melo 5

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    Actually, it was TC's plan to not bring back BJ knowing that SF would pick him up and he would ill prepare them for the October 14th rematch. TC is a genius!

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    I mean, you've got guys swearing up and down about this too. It's unreal! This guy is the leader of the assylum. I present to you, quotes from lordfangio:

    "Is it THAT far-fetched to think maybe, just maybe he actually was pissed enough at the coaching staff about not playing that he figured 'what the hell, I'll get back at them by hitting up my old buddies during the week and telling them and/or even sending them our gameplan'? I'm almost starting to think this could be possible..."

    "Such a clever joke that's never been used before. Congrats. And it certainly would look like that if Jacobs let the NYG defense in on our gameplan, now wouldn't it? It doesn't matter who the QB is, if hypothetically the defense was keyed into the offense's gameplan, the quarterback and the entire offense will obviously all look awful. "

    "Originally posted by lordfangio:
    I stated last week before the game, after the USA Today article, that I thought this was a potential concern. And what I saw on the field didn't exactly alleviate those concerns. And Jacobs' actions after the game didn't exactly alleviate those concerns. Losing is one thing, what happened today is another. Our NFCCG loss, and our Ravens, Cardinals, Cowboys, and Vikings losses under Harbaugh didn't look like this. This one was different. And I think it's more than just a coincidence that we have a disgruntled player who likely at this point has been driven to the point of not giving a f**k about how we do anymore, who also used to play for the opponent that we were playing, and who also demonstrated excessive buddy-buddy behavior with his former mates...it smells fishier than sushi. Can you elaborate as to why you think there is NO chance that this was the case? You're just gonna keep telling yourself that the one game our coaching staff looked predictable, dull, and Singletary/Raye-like just HAPPENED to be the week with Jacobs sounding off in the week we were playing his old team? I'm not buying it. Too many coincidences for my liking. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck"

    "Like I said, even if you forget about Jacobs for a second, it did look like they knew exactly what we were up to, and we have shown we have an incredibly creative and unpredictable coaching staff so the fact that NYG looked to always be a step ahead of us looked awfully suspicious...then when you throw in the fact that we got a player who used to play for them, is buddy-buddy with them, was kicking it with them/saying how much he misses them in the locker room afterwards, AND has beef with the coaching staff, it'd be foolish to completely dismiss the idea IMO. Jacobs likely just doesn't give a f**k how we do since he doesn't play even though he thinks he can and he is clearly irritated with the coaching staff. Completely dismissing this notion is ignorant."

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    Ask them this:

    What did SF do so differently from our last meeting (and their other games this season) that would've necessitated spy tactics?

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    does anyone know if one of those interception was caused by manningham running a bad route, like he did when he was a Giant?

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    Yesterday is what happens when you rely on Mario Manningham to do intel.

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