I saw the "REDSKINS WIN!" thread and felt the need to start another from a fan that isn't delusional and actually understands football. No doubt this is the scariest game of the season for us. We have yet to face a defense like the Giants have and you guys can put up points and in a hurry (which our defense is no stranger to this season!). I definitely think we always have a chance to win with RG3 at the helm this year, but am not going to blow it out of proportion and act as if we're just going to walk over what may be the best team in the NFL right now.

That being said, I think a lot of the NFL still has the idea that RG3 is just a college-style QB who is just lucky and/or overrated. What I think is missed is he leads the league with a 70+% completion percentage, 100+ QB rating (2nd to only P. Manning) and I believe also leads the league in yards per completion. He's deadly accurate on the run and incredibly patient and fearless to just stand in the pocket and deliver a pass. Not to mention, he's done this with virtually all no-name receivers with Garcon being out almost the entire year. Add Morris and a shockingly good O-line to the equation and you have a very dangerous offense...which we aren't used to here in Redskins land!

Of course, then you have our defense (ugh). Luckily, they're far better in the redzone than I think they're given credit for, so if they can force you guys in to long drives and eliminate the big play (ala Mr. Cruz), they may have a shot at keeping this close going in the final minutes. The Giants have weapons all over the place, so our front 4 will need to get pressure and fast to keep it from getting out of hand.

I'm at work or I'd be more detailed and I apologize if anything is off/inaccurate as I wrote this in a hurry.

All-in-all, can't wait for this game and best of luck to you guys!