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    Washington Scare Anyone?

    I haven't watched them play at all, but from what I can gather is:

    1) Their defense is horrible
    2) RGIII makes their offense explosive.

    I'm nervous to see RGIII running around next week. This is a CRUCIAL NFC East game, we got to beat these teams on our own and stop relying on outsiders to beat the NFC East teams.

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    Not really. I wasn't really that afraid of the 49ers... just a little bit, but to be honest I think we have the tools to beat RGIII.

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    Just need to get hits on RG3. If he's running the option, plant him if he hands off or not. If he scrambles and runs, get a hit on him.

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    desciplined defense is a MUST.....
    we will score points. Also no mistakes. Make the Skins fight an uphill battle.
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    I worry about any team the Giants play. Who knows what team shows up. Any Sunday anyone can beat anyone.

    Were you worried about them last year? Probably not.
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    I agree we should definitely beat them, but I want the defense that played yesterday to show up. Since their defense is so bad, we might be in for one of those conservative defensive NYG gameplans where they pick up chunks of yards but we try to stop them in the redzone.

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    Uh yea, why wouldn't we be??? We just came off of a huge win against a great team. Washington beat us twice last year, granted their missing 2 key defensive players. Any division rival should always be taken serious. If they beat us we-re 0-3 in the division and I believe they're in 1st place??

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    For those of you who LOVE blitzes....I would doubt we'll see many next week. Can't have the secondary with backs to the QB against that guy.
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    Speaking of the Redskins, any update on the hefty fine they will be forced to pay for the way they handled the whole RG3 concussion ordeal?

    Last I checked, both the Giants and Redskins are in top 5 for PPG so this could potentially be a shootout but I could see the defense stepping up and blanketing their receivers.

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