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    The 49ers win kinda eases my my mind about the Eagles Loss

    I absolutely despise the Eagles and hate losing to them it eats at me for a few weeks. Primarily because I live outside of Philly currently. This win against the 49ers really took all of the terrible feelings I had after that game away. We beat a quality team, every year I hear same thing from people during the regular season. Who did the Giants beat? There wins came against bad teams, blah blah blah. No one can say that now.

    It goes to show when this team clicks on all sides of the balls they can pretty much hang with anyone. Especially now that we have a running game. Hopefully when I'm at the game this Sunday they keep it up and can shut down RG3.

    On a side note, I have always been a fan of Rolle being on this team, but I remember growing up watching him play for the University of Miami at CB and the guy had octopus arms, he was a interception machine. This is always what I expected from him when we signed him. It was nice to see him get those picks. I know he brings a lot to this team and is a good tackler but if he plays like he did yesterday he can be down right scary.

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    It was great to see them dominate a team that seems like a Super Bowl contender, but the Eagles game was more important.

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    Divisional game would have been better to win.

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    I wasn't too hard on the Eagles win, we were a bad decision away from winning that game. We'll see them, and Dallas again later on in the year.

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    For some reason we just flop against the Eagles. I'm almost never REALLY nervous before a game now, but against the Eagles I was crazy nervous. What does that mean? IDK, but for some reason they just know how to beat us.

    If the Eagles played other teams like they played us, they would prob lose 3-4 games in total all season.

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    Yea it still amazes me that every other teams D-line has gotten to Vick multiple times but for some reason we couldn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewz View Post
    I wasn't too hard on the Eagles win, we were a bad decision away from winning that game. We'll see them, and Dallas again later on in the year.
    The bad decision was no Barden.

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    I thought the bad decision was not running the ball when we had it on the 30.

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    I don't care if we've locked up #1 seed prior to week 17 and philly is out of the playoffs. I hope we come out swinging and STOMP EM OUT...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Our division games are all always tough. Blowouts by any team are rare and upsets common. The Cowboys and Eagles played their best games of the year against us. Everyone gets, uh, what 2 turnovers from the eagles minimum, except us. We got none. And Dallas prepared for us all summer, we weren't in sync yet and they played their SB first game and have look bad since.

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