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    Consistency and Changes on Defense

    First I want to congratulate the giants on a very impressive win against what many so-called experts believe is the best team in the NFL. The Offensive line did a great job protecting Eli and helping the rush offense. Bradshaw had another good performance. He might not be the best running back on the team, but the O-line is helping him perform well, but damn I really want to see Wilson run wild behind this O-line. Anyway, consistency has been a major problem for the giants going back to last season. Itís one of the reasons why many NFL football experts doubt them every week and itís the reason why the Giants are always up and down in the meaning less power rankings. Being underdogs to elite teams shouldn't be the biggest motivation for the Superbowl champs. However, being the best and wanting to win another title should be their biggest driving force.

    Giant fans, we need a more consistent team. I donít understand why this Giants team doesnít show up for each and every game especially against bad teams like a true elite team. There is no doubt the Giants are better than the Redskin, so they must not lay an egg at home and let Pg3 run wild on them. The giants need to show they can perform as good at home as they do on the road. Itís time they show they are the best in the division and it has to start Sunday.

    Changes on Defense:
    I donít know how healthy Keith Rivers is right now, but when he comes back, the giants should consider replacing Kiwi with him, so Kiwi can get more plays at the DE position. Osi is simply not getting the job done right now and teams are targeting his side of the defense on run plays and getting positive results. I believe this move, which should be made now and not next season, will definitely improve the giants run defense as well as the pass rush which is very important against elite QBs. Tell me what you guys think.

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    I think we saw some of those changes against the 49ers Sunday. I think we will continue to see changes. Coach Fewell said as much. Position and package changes will be made on a game to game basis. It will depend on what the opponent brings to the table. I think we will see a lot of new looks on D. That will keep offenses off balance, and use our guys athleticism more effectively. I'm hoping this is a new page in the development of the defense. Very exciting!

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    they already started using Kiwi more along the D-line at DE and DT

    and Tracey was playing some LB ... probably covering some of what Kiwi did at LB

    but overall, i agree that Kiwi can bolster the D-line and will continue to ... Tuck didnt get that many snaps (well he got 40, but Osi got 50, so that tells me something) ... might be a little dinged up ... Osi didnt play bad vs. SF ... well nobody played bad, but Kiwi is better ... be nice to get Canty and Bernard back ... Kuhn was overmatched vs. the Brownies and only got 8 D snaps vs. SF with Kiwi, Tuck and JPP covering DT snaps

    i love that we trust all of our LBs ... J-Will, Paysinger playing a lot ...

    but yeah, getting Rivers back just makes us stronger and deeper
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    They moved JPP and Tuck inside on a number of snaps, think the addition of Canty and getting Bernard back will help as well.

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