Was just browsing the 49ers forums a bit today to see what excuses they'd be making this time (other than Jacobsgate). Found this gem of a thread. I'm going to post the entire thing, since you guys will know exactly what is humoring me.

To fellow 49er faithful feeling like the world is going to end after that terrible loss against the Giants:

We need to CALM down. Everything is going to be ALRIGHT. We still are a top 5 team. Here is why:

1. Giants are the most fluky team in the NFL. When they play bad teams, they look like trash. Their offense looked inept against the eagles, and to be honest they were not that impressive against the browns barring the score. They thrive under the pressure and being the underdog, and this was shown against us this weekend. No one thought they would win, and when they are clicking they look amazing. They fired away on all cylinders on Sunday, including Defense, Offense, and Special Teams. If we were to play the Giants 10 times, I can assure you we would win at least 7/10.

2. Alex was due for a bad game. He has not had a multi-interception game since 2010!!!! That statistic alone is unreal, and it could not last forever. Sure, Alex looked like the Alex from his early years but he was due for one of these games! Even throughout the turmoil of the game, he came out and made some nice throws. Every elite QB has awful games, look at Matt Ryan this week. He threw 3 picks against the RAIDERS! The only difference was is that the Falcons were making plays on the defensive side of the ball and playing well on special teams. Alex had absolutely no help from the entire team, including the coaching staff.

3. The special teams looked terrible. I do not know what is wrong with David Akers, but I am confident he will figure it out. If he hits those two field goals, we go into the half down 10-9. The 2nd half would have been completely different if this was the case. Our coaches could slow the game down, and eat up the clock with our power running game. This poor performance from our special teams has been a theme this season and I am sure that Seely will figure it out in the next few weeks. We are still trying to tie everything together without Costanzo or Jones.

4. Our Defense was mediocre. The reason I say they were mediocre is because of how well the Giants receivers were playing. DId you all notice how their receivers were not dropping anything I swear, some fo the catches they were making were unreal, and would not happen 9/10 times. No matter how good the coverage was or the play was, the receivers seemed to make a play on the ball. This is part of the Giants being a FLUKY team and will not happen most of the time against us. Sure, the D-line was not getting pressure on Manning, but it is pretty hard to when he is getting rid of the ball in less than 2 seconds. This is the same thing is the Vikings game, Rudolph makes a couple amazing catches to take the game for them. TEAMS ARE GETTING LUCKY AGAINST US, and this will not continue to happen down the stretch.

5. Coaching was ...ehhh. The part I didn't like from our coaches had to have been how we strayed away from the inconvenient truth. Gore needs the ball more, I do not care how we get it to him, just get him the ball. No carries after the half??? That is absurd. A lot of people on the board are mad at how much we used Kap this week. Before the Giants game, all I heard was how SMART and UNIQUE our offense was with the addition of Kap in it. Everyone CHILL OUT! Kap is fine, the way we use him is fine, we do not need to add more Kap or less Kap to win. What we are doing now is PERFECT. We are a running team, give Gore the ball with a little dose of the read option with Kap. Then let Alex hit them on some "Shot" Plays to score. This is how we won last year, this is how we will win this year.

We are a GREAT team, we a harder schedule this year. We got a little to excited for some revenge and it backfired. I expect Harbaugh and Co. to really be ready this Thursday and deliver an ***-whoopin on the seachickens. This last weak was a FLUKE and do not expect it to happen again. I think that is why Harbaugh is brushing this loss off, because he knows that we are much better than the score shows.

49ers 35- Seahawks 7

You heard it hear first boys.
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