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Thread: Another Hilarious Thread on 49ers Board -- "Giants are the most fluky team in the NF"

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    didn't we already beat them 2/3 times? so we would go 1-6 if we played them 7more times? sounds legit

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    Is he calling Smith elite? Really? He isn't even a top 15 qb in this league. Average at best on good days. Game manager. Get him in a hole and he sinks the team, the exact opposite of what an ELIte QB does. He was bad in 8 of 9 seasons. Maybe 2011 was the blip?
    Spin that Webb young Davis

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    They should listen to carlos rogers he said it like it is.

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    49er fans are ignorant. Nuf said /thread

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    I had a dumb **xican who use to work for me text me on saturday and did nothing but talk smack and said stuff like ' I hate the Vagiants because of all the $hit they talk" "nobody respects us! wah!" "Big babies are gonna get embarrassed tomorrow"! He said SF is too strong and too deep to lose! It's not gonna happen.
    Well if he stayed in school before he tattooed a tear drop over his eye, He would of learned how to spell too with 2 O's and not one!
    I ended the text with, "Have you been a SF fan since the Cowboys started playing like garbage"?
    He said no more and remains quiet as of Monday night.
    Oh yeah and I actually fired him back in June for being an idiot!
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    Thanks for the heads up, but I gotta say, this is the thread of the season:
    Jacobs visits Giants locker room after the game
    It puts the Giants board to shame, really.

    And this is my favorite quote from the great lordfangio on it:

    Is it THAT far-fetched to think maybe, just maybe he actually was pissed enough at the coaching staff about not playing that he figured 'what the hell, I'll get back at them by hitting up my old buddies during the week and telling them and/or even sending them our gameplan'? I'm almost starting to think this could be possible...
    Yeah, that's what happened. I'm sure of it.

    Then, the conspiracy because this meeting happened before the game:

    Caption should be: Jacobs explaining game plan to Eli.
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    49er fans on their forums are clowns.

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    I bet some 49ers fans wished they had Peyton now instead of Alex Smith. Thankfully, they don't have a QB on their roster who can come from behind like Peyton!

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    I cant believe the Packers lost to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboysSuck View Post
    Our receivers made catches they wouldnt make 9/10 times??? Huh?? I thought we made some pretty routine plays..those fans must not watch Eli often enough. Its that or we are spoiled rotten with how well our receivers and Eli are on the same page

    I thought that was a strange statement about our receivers, too.

    Until it occurred to me that Niners fans had not seen any decent passing game this year--neither from their opponents (yes, Rodgers played mediocre against them in Game One, remember?) nor their own team. As such, I can see why our receivers and Eli seem so "flukey".

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