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    Lordfangio continues:
    I'm telling you man, I have a really hard time believing there's no chance Jacobs did something fishy. It straight up LOOKED like they knew our entire gameplan and everything we were gonna do, then when you factor in we have a player who's been documented as being pissed at the coaching staff for never playing, AND that he used to play for our opponent and is clearly still very buddy-buddy with them based on his post-game actions, it's very very very very VERY fishy...
    Like I said, even if you forget about Jacobs for a second, it did look like they knew exactly what we were up to, and we have shown we have an incredibly creative and unpredictable coaching staff so the fact that NYG looked to always be a step ahead of us looked awfully suspicious...then when you throw in the fact that we got a player who used to play for them, is buddy-buddy with them, was kicking it with them/saying how much he misses them in the locker room afterwards, AND has beef with the coaching staff, it'd be foolish to completely dismiss the idea IMO. Jacobs likely just doesn't give a f**k how we do since he doesn't play even though he thinks he can and he is clearly irritated with the coaching staff. Completely dismissing this notion is ignorant.
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