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Thread: Stevie Brown

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    Stevie Brown

    What do you all think of him so far? Do you think he has a future as a starting safety in this league?

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    Stevie has a knack of being in the right spot. Hard to say for the long haul, but he certainly looks good so far.

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    he did claim responsibility for the big play Cleveland hit on us, but other than that ... haha, other than that, he is holding up ... has a little ball hawk in him, which never hurts

    having said that, any updates on K-Phil
    Apologize to Melo 5

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    he has been very good as the safety in the box. he's struggled some in coverage but has also made some nice plays as well. i think we're gonna keep him and will hill as our backups and i do believe both have the talent to be starting caliber safeties, hill more so than brown but thats just my take

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    I agree with all of you guys. I think him and Will Hill both look good. Just a shame Hill is going to miss 4 games. I do like Stevie Brown also, I noticed also that he is in the right spot most of the time

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    I like Brown so far, he's played pretty well.

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    Has knack for knowing where the ball is going to be and getting there first. Can't coach that.

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    I think he is doing great for a number 3 Safety, like his toughness up on the line; not so sure about his coverage skills.

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    Welp, we decided to go for another S with the last name brown, and this time it worked out, unlike the CC BROWN signing...lol

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    Tough game against Cleveland, but has definitely shown some promise . . . .

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