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Thread: this schedule is going to be a gauntlet

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    You guys have a bye before you play us. Ouch. I wish we could have a bye to prepare for you guys. Although last year we did and it hurt us so maybe it is a good thing we dont.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMan-67 View Post
    just worry about the Skins ... this league is so week to week that who knows where teams will be at when we play them
    This. Teams like the Saints, Packers, can get hot at anytime. The Ravens will still be tough without Ray and Webb. The Falcons have been finding ways to win this year and Im not going to clown their strength of schedule. Undefeated is undefeated. We also have a tendency to lose games well all think we should win like both games vs the skins last year.

    Granted I honestly think we can run the table the rest of the way but I dont anticipate that being the case. We will have off weeks and other teams will click against us etc.

    We play the skins on Sunday hopefully we can contain RG3 and abuse their less than stellar defense so we can come out on top.

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    this schedule could prepare us for the playoffs. facing strong team week in and week out will make us stronger once the postseason arrives, of course we have to make it first

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    I hope we crush the saints and embarrass them in every way. I can't stand stat padder Brees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    The skins are down Carriker and Orakpo (2 of the 3 reasons why they swept us last year), the Cowboys and Eagles don't look anything like they did when they played us. The Saints are downright horrible without Payton, the Packers are having o-line issues (so happy we didnt face them early on with our DOA-line), the Ravens and Steelers are not the teams they once were, and the Falcons are bound to choke sooner or later (not to mention I'm no longer afraid of a team "out for revenge" after this past Sunday)

    Honestly, outside of our division which always hulks out against us, the one game I'm most worried about is the Bengals. I would NOT have seen that coming ni preseason...
    The only thing that scares me are the divisional games because we're already in a 0-2 hole.

    If the Giants play like they're capable of and we've got Canty and Phillips coming back eventually, this team is capable of running the table on the remainder of the schedule. I'll say that they wind up 12-4 and 1st place in the East.

    And IMO. the harder the better in terms of the schedule. Last years difficult schedule prepped them for the playoffs. They were absolutely battle-tested like no other team.

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    Our schedule is daunting for everyone playing against US! haha

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    almost prophetic

    strap in, the rest of season gonna be rough

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    Quote Originally Posted by bansaw View Post
    I forgot our BYE is Week 11
    that is great if you're playoff bound and the BigBlue God willing we will be ... but the teams we are facing I think that it being that late in the season is going to hurt us. Our lads will be exhausted come Nov 18th

    Silver lining is we get 2 weeks prep on the Packers before a final 6 weeks of big boy games. I guess what doesn't kill ya only makes you stronger

    dont get me wrong early BYE's suck *** but week 11?! ... wow

    Stay Healthy and Hungry boys !!!

    GO GIANTS !!!
    It's like last year as some of us mention it, if they survive this tough stretch they will come out battled tested and hungry. The best part of the year has arrived .

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