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Thread: Eagles Fire DC

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    Eagles Fire DC

    Eagles have fired DC Juan Castillo. The entire organization is suffering a systemic illness, the sky is falling, heads are rolling - and yet the Eagles continue to beat the Giants. It's like all they can do is beat us, so I figure it's all they really want to do. Are they now having higher aspirations or something? Is it no longer enough to gameplan your season around beating NYG?

    I think we are looking at the end of Andy Reid in Philly. This is the first in-season firing he has administered. Looks like panic is taking over. They may be in total disarray by the time we see them again. And they will win again. If they manage to win only one game for the rest of the season, you know and I know it will be in the Meadowlands.

    This aggravating little aspect of NYG aside, I for one am happy to see Philly in turmoil. Their frustrations are based on gaming up to the Giants while the Giants game up to the Superbowl. The results are what you'd expect: We win championships and the Eagles beat us. We have been their championship series for the past 10 to 50 years or whatever, the Turnpike Turkey Trophy. Philadelphia fan-base is apparently sick of it. They see the Giants winning the Superbowl and being touted as the best in the league even though the Eagles win face-to-face 1-2 times annually since Moses. If they can beat the champions, why can't they be the champions?

    Because they are Turnpike Turkeys.

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    Why the original hire made no sense the real problem is their high class QB Michael Vick. Eagles are scoring 17 points a game down 7 points per from last season but its the defenses fault.

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    its mind baffling that we cant seem to ever get up for the eagle games.

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