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    Week Six Players Of The Week


    Antrel Rolle / FS / New York Giants

    The Giants dealt the 49ers the most lopsided loss of head coach Jim Harbaugh’s tenure in Week Six, and Rolle picked off 49ers QB Alex Smith twice Sunday, matching his pick total from last season. It was a rematch of last season’s NFC championship game, but the Giants were the only team that appeared to be playoff-caliber in a 26-3 rout. Rolle, who also had a tackle for loss in the game, made both of his picks in the third quarter, setting up a pair of Lawrence Tynes field goals as the Giants padded their lead. It could have been an even more lopsided affair if the Giants’ offense had been able to capitalize on the great field position provided by converting Rolle’s takeaways into touchdowns. The Giants took over at the 49ers’ 12- and 5-yard line to start the possessions following the two picks." Read more...
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